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Fine in the Past: Hindered by Antiquated Sales & Marketing Policies

I call it Fine in the Past. It refers to all the sales and marketing efforts, ideas, policies, principles, techniques, and strategies that worked well in the past, but are no longer effective. The past is everything that’s pre-2010. I still recall a poignant moment with an attendee at one of my corporate sales training and business to business sales seminars. During the break he came up to me and said this: I’ve been in business for seventeen years. And we have done well. But now, it seems like everything is changing, and I do not know what to do.

He went on to explain that he had built his formerly thriving tool and die business on certain core principles: Quality workmanship, competitive prices, and good service. Those principles adhered to with discipline and conviction had brought him word-of-mouth business consistently over the years. But they were no longer working, and his business was floundering. The pain and confusion were written all over his face as he contemplated the prospect of seeing his business wither away.

Those principles are some of the most common examples of Fine in the Past Business principles and policies that were sufficient on which to build a business, but today are not. At one time, you could distinguish your business from others on the basis of these and other Fine in the Past principles. Now, however, the bar has risen. Because there is so much churn in our marketplace and the competition is so fierce, the kinds of service and quality that were sufficient to distinguish yourself from your competition are no longer sufficient. Your customers expect previously outstanding levels of service and quality from every supplier. What was sufficient a few years ago is still necessary today, but no longer sufficient. That reliance on quality service and word-of-mouth marketing is an Fine in the Past principle. When viewed from the perspective of effective sales and marketing approaches, these principles are passive. They rely on your customers coming to you, recognizing the superiority of your product or service, and then talking about you to others. Your job is to create an attractive operation that will pull customers to you and then keep them coming back.

When everyone else operated in similar fashion, which was Fine in the Past But when more and more competitors appear, and they make the same claims as you do, your reliance on passive marketing methods relegates you to second choice. I have seen literally hundreds of businesses of all sizes who never reached their potential because of an inability to do sales well. We learn in corporate sales training and business to business sales seminars that they were perfectly capable of rendering outstanding service at competitive prices but struggled to survive. These Fine in the Past principles were so deeply ingrained in their mindsets that they never learned to do sales as well as they could, and their businesses never reached the level of prosperity and success that they could have reached. The economic landscape is littered with the remains of businesses who were excellent in providing their product or service, but mediocre in selling it. Here are some other Fine in the Past practices. See if they apply to you.

Creating sales by relying totally on outside sales people.
It was OK to hire a number of sales people, give them some basic training, and then charge them with Go forth and sell a lot. This was the standard for corporate sales training. Sales territories were geographically based and each sales person was a clone of the other. Accountability was a nasty word that no one repeated. Alas, this Fine in the Past practice is a prescription for inefficient sales practices. The better approach is a variety of sales methodologies, based on the potential and dynamics of the customer.

Sales management by pay plan.
In other words, pay them straight commission and everything will take care of itself. There was a generation for whom this worked. Unfortunately, today’s work force is rarely motivated by just money.

Reliance on on-the-job training.
Everyone can learn how to be an effective sales person. Just put them out there in a sales territory, and sooner or later they will figure out how to do the job well. When the job of the sales person was simpler, and the customer less sophisticated, this was OK. Today, of course, it positions your sales force as the less educated, less competent one in the market.

Hiring by feel.
When it comes time to hire a new sales person, find someone who has some experience in the industry and about whom you feel good. This is a prescription for a group of clones who please the boss but are rarely what the job demands. There are far more sophisticated and effective hiring criteria and practices than this one. The list of Fine in the Past positions can go on for quite a while. These are the most common. If they apply to you, it is time to rethink your position and move your sales and marketing efforts into the 21st Century.

About the Author

Dave Kahle is a lifetime salesperson. He has been the number one salesperson in the country for two different companies in two distinct industries. Since 1988 he’s been president of The DaCo Corporation, focusing on helping clients improve their sales and develop their people. He is a specialist in corporate sales, and regularly holds business to business sales seminars and workshops.

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Training And Certification That Affords A Better Life

You may not think that you need to do anything that will help you in the employment department, but the thing is that you may want to think again. This is your future, so why not take control of it and enroll in Six Sigma Training?

Why should you get extra training? How can it help your situation? These are very valid questions. If you are in the market for a new job or a career change especially if you have your eye on a management position, you can’t go wrong with Six Sigma training under your belt. It most definitely is not a waste of personal resources and will often be the difference in getting or not getting the position you apply for. So, the real question is; why wouldn’t you want to train?

What Can Six Sigma Do For You? There are a few things that six sigma can do for you that you may not have thought about. The first is that it can open job opportunities that you may need in order to have a better income and more work that you can do. You may also find that more people are willing to look at your resume when you have a six sigma certification and they are also going to think more of you and your work history. You may even get that big management opportunity that you have been waiting for.

How Can You Train? There are a couple of different ways that you can enroll in six sigma training if you want to. The first is a company training session. This is something that you may not be able to get into because you are not an employee of the company doing the training. If this is the case, then the way that you are going to need to train is with the distance learning option. The distance learning option allows you to do your training through the computer on your own leisure time schedule. This may mean that you can go as fast or as slow as you want to in order to get the training done with. You may also find that you will have to pay for the costs of the program that you choose, but this could be offset later by the positions that you may get hired into.

Six Sigma training and certification will always be and continue to be the best you can offer an employer and to successfully take advantage of the career opportunities that Six Sigma enables you to bring to the employment table. It is just a matter of deciding that now is the time to embark on this new life and career changing opportunity that is knocking at your door.

About the Author

There are many reasons that you may want to train with Six sigma. It is no problem to look online at all that Six sigma courses that are available.

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Learn How to Become a Professional SEO Consultant — FAST!

Thirty-six percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released this morning said that unemployment is the most important economic issue facing the country today — almost three times higher than the 13 percent who felt the same way last April.

Meanwhile, according to Forrester Research, online spending is projected to grow at least 11 percent in 2009.

How can you maximize your income-generating edge — and, at the same time, help businesses grow by specifically targeting customers? Take charge of your career and life today by becoming a professional SEO consultant.

Did you know that there are small businesses in your neighborhood that are willing to pay you $1,000, $2,000, and even $5,000 or more just to get ranked high in the search engines for their market’s keywords?

These companies refer to these people as professional SEO consultants. They get paid to consult businesses on search engine optimization [SEO]. And they get paid BIG money.

I’ve seen small businesses waste thousands of dollars on Yellow Page ads, and couldn’t even tell me if they got any customers from that investment.

With SEO and Internet marketing, it is so easy to trace where the traffic comes from and to show REAL RESULTS.

Each day, more and more businesses are finally “getting it.” They realize they can suck so much business from the Internet if they just knew what they were doing.

Do you think the average brick-and-mortar business owner knows ANYTHING about Web design, search engine optimization and other Internet marketing activities? I doubt it.

Plus, do you think they have the time to figure it out? Definitely not. They’re too busy trying to keep their business running, and will pay an expert big money to help them establish their online presence.

Wouldn’t it be cool to do a day’s worth of work and make a few thousand dollars? Well, normal people JUST LIKE YOU are doing it every day. They are serving the small businesses in their community and making a healthy living doing it.

My British friend, Kevin John Lewis [pictured], has been a professional SEO consultant for quite some time now. And, because he knows how lucrative his business can be, he has decided to train a handful of people one-on-one to become professional SEO consultants.

If you’re willing to learn and hustle a little bit, you will definitely want to see this life-changing opportunity:


P.S.: Be sure to sign up for Kevin’s FREE “Marketing Tips Newsletter.” It’s loaded with tried-and-true insights re search engine marketing, plus lots of other tips, advice and techniques to help you make money online.


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About the Author

Kari Larson is a free-agent writer, small-business champion, SEO/branding/PR/marketing pro, and publisher [e.g., ProsperNOW --], who’s focused on creating total health *and* artistic, personal, professional and financial freedom — for herself and others.


Seize This REAL Chance to Become a Professional SEO Consultant Fast!


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bulgarian kennels and training centre

Bulgarian kennels and Training Centre

Bulgarian kennels and training centre is an English run business first started in Bulgaria in 2008. The business consists of 2 separate identities. The first being the Dog Boarding Hotel which is run by Maureen Payne in the village of Nedyalsko, we have 5 separate kennels to house our guests as well as a large secure large for exercise or just simply for them to sit out in the lovely Bulgaria sunshine and chill. The initial kennels set up in 2008 has now been set up as a dog training centre. We cater for mainly English Ex-pats pets but also we found that the Bulgarians also are using our services. The dog training centre is also set up in the village of Nedyalsko but on the outskirts overlooking open fields, valleys, and a lake making it the ideal, secluded place to train the dogs without any distractions. The dog training is done by Paul Wilkinson who was initially trained in the British Military Police as a dog handler and trainer. Since leaving the military Paul has successfully trained lots of different types and breeds of dogs. The method he chooses to train the dog with is classed as the humane treat based system. he has found and believes that this is the best system with which to train dogs most dominant type systems only works in the short term and for certain owners whereas the system that Paul employs not only fixes and trains the dogs in the short term, it also has been proved to work in the long term for all types of owners as well as dogs the basic of this system is very simple if you train a dog with the dominant system it will only do what is required when under duress, whereas our system rewards the dog for the correct behaviour and as stated this works in the long term because most owners do not like to put their dogs under duress for the dog to do as they as.

The dog hotel and boarding kennels was recently rebuilt in the centre of Nedyalsko village as stated above this side of the business is run by Maureen, once again an expat who chose to leave Britain for the sunnier climate of Bulgaria, she is the perfect lady for this side of the business because she is one of the biggest animal, particularly dog lovers, that you’ll ever meet she has had many years of caring for dogs with a family history of kennels, started by her parents in Ireland in the late 1940s. so she was brought up in an animal loving environment.

About the Author

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Sales Trainer – Five Ways to Attract Superstar Employees

This month our blog topics have focused on team development and how to turn your employees into superstars! In today’s blog, I will share five ways to attract great candidates.

1. Always keep an eye out for possible employees and try not to hire when you’re desperate to find someone, anyone. When you’re desperate, you don’t tend to make the best choices and you could end up with someone you’d pay to get rid of. (Consider this point for multiple aspects of life!)

2. Evaluate who you have now – even if you’re a one man band, do the evaluation to determine what the strengths and weaknesses of your business are because you’ll want to add a candidate who brings talents that you don’t currently have. The biggest mistake we make is hiring people that are like ourselves. You would be surprised at how many companies have employees with the same personality type of the person who did the hiring! We teach a course called “Connecting with Different Personality Types” – it’s awesome! In the course, you can learn to get along with any personality type within 30 seconds! When we teach this course, we divide the room into the different personality types and find that the majority of personalities are the same – people hire people who are like themselves! This means that the company is lacking skills that other personality types would bring. Variety is the spice of life, so take a good look at where the holes are in your company and try to fill them.

3. To attract great candidates, consider your company’s reputation. How your business looks, runs and feels to an outsider is important when they are considering if they want to join forces. Are you state-of-the-art or is there clutter and a general feeling of chaos within the office? If the office resembles a toxic waste site and you’re a spa, it may be time for a makeover!

4. Prepare your commercial. When you interview, post an ad or are on the lookout, make sure you have a good news story to tell. In other words, design a commercial that introduces your company in the best possible light. Look at career postings as a template for examples of great wording.

5. Go for a test drive. Bring someone in for a temporary project or hire a temporary staffing service to see how the person works before you hire them full time. After all, an employee is someone that can make or break your business – hire slow, fire fast. You wouldn’t marry the first date you go on (well, most wouldn’t!). Check things out for a while and see how your new temporary employee handles the job. It may be divorce court or possibly a match made in heaven – you’ll soon find out!

About the Author

Drew & Associates International Inc.
708 11th Avenue SW Suite 246, Calgary, AB T2R 0E4
Toll Free & Customer Service: 1.877.592.3739

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Everest Events

It doesn’t matter, what sort of event you need to plan, corporate event management solution is vital to make it unique and successful. From business events, conferences, meetings, seminars, and exhibitions an event management company keeps you away from stress and worries and saves a good amount of time and money as well. Organizers and corporate houses due to lack of time give preference to corporate event management companies to organize any kind of event. This is because; an event management company takes all the burdens from you and manages your special corporate as well as private event in a unique way from start to finish. These event planners also provide event concept development, budget settlement, marketing, advertising and support.

Many people still think what an event management sussex company can do? It is simple, an event management company manages your corporate event, sales your tickets online, makes a dynamic plan to provide an impressive environment for business, promotes exhibitions for growing profits and volume and above all collects payments and keep you informed with financial updates to measure the events financial success. However, the task of an event management company is a difficult one because it needs good management skills and quickness of thought and above all patience.

Today, private as well as corporate events need proper conference management and arrangement to make them successful and unique. However, arrangements and managements depend on the nature of event and the targeted audience. In simple words, Event management company manages your corporate event, sales your tickets online, makes a dynamic plan to provide an impressive environment for business, promotes exhibitions for growing revenue and volume and above all collects payments and keep you informed with financial updates to measure the events financial success.

These companies also have the proficiency to handle all the points of special corporate event solutions such as right venue, cuisine and entertainment. In simple words, an event management company is outfitted to manage all the event related problems. These professional planners are adapted to handle the details of a major event and have doubtless experience. A corporate event management service provider manages and arranges state-of-the-art services that a corporate event requires. Industry sectors like aviation etc have become the essential options in the event management sector because event management companies endow you with skillful administration from beginning to end.

For more information go to

About the Author

We organise our own events and also offer a range of event management services for companies and organisations.

We can help you with all aspects of your event – we work closely with you from initial planning through to on-site management, ensuring the whole event runs smoothly.

We are a strategic-thinking, professional company providing a personal service to ensure your event is well managed and within budget.

We offer a simple, flexible, logical no-fuss approach. Our aim is to develop lasting business relationships and provide a quality service, giving you a successful event.

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Import Export Course – How To Import Goods From China

Are looking for the best tips on Import goods from China? Well, this content is mainly focused on how you get your product from china at lowest possible price. There are five points that you should consider it very carefully.

The first tip is, make sure that you get at least five separate quote from your factory in China. It is preferable to take quote of minimum three or maximum of seven. You should not take less than three quotes because you want to evaluate the exact market price. It is not even suggested to get more than seven quotes, as there is no advantage of taking large number of quotes. In reality, you just need to know what the appropriate price of the product is.

The second tip is to establish of appropriate market price. Once you get the minimum and maximum price of the products from the quotation, it will become easy to evaluate the standard market price by considering the middle price of the quotation result. You need to evaluate the exact market price in order to make sure that you are getting the right price. In straight way, you can’t eliminate the paper here layout the end and focus on the middle. You may go slightly towards the lower end.

Here comes the third point and that is choosing the lowest price on your quotation. According the experts suggestion, it is not well to decide on a lower end quote. You should never ever go for a lowest price. You need to go for a long run of your business, so avoid these silly things. It has been noted that many people do this same mistake of choosing the lowest quote and as a result, they get cheapest products. You must pay some incentives to the Chinese factory for producing good quality of product. If they are not making money, then it does mean anything to them about the quality. You will come to notice that your product quality is lower. You may not get the product on time. At the end, when you are in the need of them, they will not be available for you.

The fourth point is to promise the Chinese Companies for a large quantity in future. In this case, you have to be little smart and need to express them in such a way that, they should imagine that you have big deal over your nation and keeping good relation with you can bring them huge profit in future.

The final tip is little bit more advance. Even you already imported your products from China earlier, it is still recommended to visit the Companies in China. In this way, you can make a better relationship with the China Companies and get more facility from them. The people who don’t visit China will face market down and many other related problems. Visit China today and get the benefits of lower cost on your superb product from China Companies.

About the Author

Brendan Elias and Alex Ryan have been teaching individuals how to import from China in their free 30 day video training series. Visit our website to sign up to this free training. You will discover how to source products from China, contact factories, negotiate to get the best price and much much more.

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Job Centre Plus Working from Home

Are you one of the Millions out there that is unemployed? Will I am too. I was currently laid off from my job in September of 2010. Wow it was devastating; all kinds of questions went through my head. Will I be able to find a new job soon, are there any jobs out there with so many people unemployed, will I be able to pay my bills on unemployment, will I lose my home and everything I work so hard for.

If your like me I just did not know what to do so I updated my Resume and went online and signed up of every Job Site I could find. Entered my resume in all of them and for days I applied to every job I could. I have had several interviews but no jobs as of yet. So I got to thinking, I have got to do something and get something going quick before my unemployment runs out.

So I started researching on the internet for some way to make money working from home. Wow, there are so many out there and a lot that are not legitimate. I continued my research and found out a lot of information. I need to know a lot before I could really make a living on the Internet.
I needed to look for something to teach me how to make money on the web. And I found it, an Online University to teach me all the ins and outs of Marketing, Advertising and Promoting. Wow this is just what I need if I am going to make money on the net. So I joined up.

It has everything I need:
– Article Marketing – Search Engine Optimization – Pay-Per-Click Marketing – Research
– Website Development – Web hosting – System & Tools – Miscellaneous
– And NEW sections being added all the time.

So I started a website to tell others about this amazing University I found.

Job Centre Plus

With over 400 training tutorials, videos, and down-loadable guides (and growing everyday), Wealthy this University offers online business training like no other. If you are an absolute beginner or if you are an expert looking to expand your knowledge base and network, their robust training will help you take your business to the next level.

I believe strongly that this is the only training program that you need to learn in order to make money online. Upon joining, you’ll see that the University is unlike any online training facility you’ve seen before. Where else can you interact, work with, and learn from many other successful marketers? Not to mention you have the ability to ask for personal coaching and support from the owners, you won’t find this anywhere else online.

Guess what? I want to help you succeed too! You can join the University using the link below and I will give you a free training course.

work from home

About the Author

Hi, I am Linda Blakeney and I write to help people wanting to make money online to become successful entrepreneur. I started writing articles in 2010 to help other people deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business. Prior to working online I spent over twenty years as a Accountant, corporate trainer and team leader. To contact me, please email.

work from home

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Improve Your Project Management Training and Soft Skills By Knowing What Most Employees Consider as Bad Leadership

To be a good leader it is good to know how people identify the qualities of bad leaders. This way, you can avoid these leadership qualities to improve your own style. This article explores the qualities that you must avoid.

The following are a number of critical areas where employees complain about bad leadership:

  • Having a mentality of “Do as I say”, rather than, “Do as I do”
  • Not giving a clear objective or direction
  • Focusing on too many things at once
  • Not taking responsibility for failure or making a wrong decision
  • Not saying thank you to people
  • Not caring about staff and ignoring their wants, wishes and aspirations
  • Having a mentality of wanting and not giving
  • Focusing too much on the “detail” and forgetting to explain “why”
  • Not making people feel valued and important
  • Treating tasks as more important than people
  • Having no vision or understanding of the future trends
  • Now being aware of market movement and changes across the industry and instead focusing on old ideas just because they worked in the past
  • Letting people who are not helping or efficient to remain in their jobs
  • Giving inconsistent direction and confusing people with mixed commands

Research shows that there are 4 fundamental areas where a leader may be seen as inadequate. These are the areas that get flagged most often by people.

Inconsistent expectation. When employees feel that some of them are expected to perform at a certain standard while other employees are not hold to the same standard, they would feel betrayed. Upon discovery of this some employees decide to withhold their effort, in order to make the system fairer. Resentment builds and since this feeling is contagious it can quickly start to affect other employees. From the employees’ point of view, it is a leader’s responsibility to make sure that a common standard is used throughout the organisation.

Inconsistent actions. Employees are usually quick to see inconsistent decision making by their leaders, when they say something and do something else. This leads to removal of trust which in turn leads to lack of enthusiasm and subsequent reduction in productivity. There is then build-up of a lot of hostility towards management.

Weak leadership. When employees see leaders who are slow to make decisions or take certain critical decisions lightly, they start to lose faith in the leader. From the employees’ point of view, a good leader must be able to “lead” and therefore should be able to make tough decisions and stand his ground when necessary rather than being affected by advisers. Poor decision making can easily slow down progress, create office politics, and reduce moral. A good approach is to use participative management and involve employees in the decision making process in a systematic and constructive way so they feel they have been heard while also making decisive and final decision based on all the inputs and the vision of a leader.

Lack of commitment. When a leader decides on something, he should take steps to implement it. If employees see that after all the effort that was spent in making the decision nothing came of it, they will become disillusioned and may not be as enthusiastic in the future. This can significantly demoralise staff because people start to think that the management is not always as committed as they want them to believe. This leads to lack of trust and further reduces productivity.

Leadership is a skill and it can be mastered by constant practice, observation and self-improvement. Learning leadership is about improving a person’s emotional intelligence. You can use a leadership skills training course along with project management to prepare people for this role. You can also use Leadership skills training materials or project management training materials to setup corporate courses on these subjects and systematically train your staff to become better at leading others. For details on these training resources please see below.

About the Author

Chelsea Elm is a training consultant in a UK company that provides course materials and resources for trainers, training for trainer and resources for trainers on Train the Trainer, Delegation Skills, Influence Skills and Interview Skills. For more on this see Project Management Training Materials. Also see other training courses such as Training games. For human resource manager training and learning soft skills see train the trainer resources, corporate training solutions, course materials, free training games, corporate leadership training, executive training and resources for trainers.

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Earning Extra Income In Retirement – Get a Great Mentor

There are many ways you can learn about earning extra money in retirement. These include, but are not limited to, the many books, home study courses and maybe even courses at your local school or college. The most effective way to master new skills quickly, is to find someone who already does it successfully and follow what they do.

It has long been the case that successful people have been happy to share their knowledge and skills, particularly once they have moved beyond their prime and can afford the time. Finding such an individual was always a great way to shorten what could otherwise have been a long learning curve.

One really interesting development in this ‘information revolution’ age, is that training and mentorship can be much more readily available, for those of us who are willing to do just a little effective research.

I can not think of a topic which could not be thoroughly studied, by using resources easily available to anyone with a computer and internet connection. However, there is no substitute for learning from a master.

Once again, this information age has thrown up infinitely more opportunities than were available to us oldies in the past.

Learning new ways to earn money in retirement is certainly no exception and there are now mentors and gurus out there, some of whom are much younger, but none the worse for that.

Only a few short years ago, one would have had to pay quite a lot of money for this kind of information (many of us have done so), but nowadays there is a huge amount of valuable information available at modest cost.

The trend which I find of most value, is the practice of providing good quality starter information at no cost at all. I used to believe that if something was given away free, then it probably was worth little or nothing.

This is just not the case and most of the best mentors and teachers will provide good examples of what they can offer, at no cost whatever.

My chosen field for further study into creating income in retirement, is information marketing on the internet. Only a few years ago, that phrase would just not have made sense. Now, people who are thirsty for knowledge are willing to pay, so those who can learn to provide good quality information can set up their own business at home, with a computer and internet connection.

There is a great deal of hype about what vast sums of money can be earned easily in this relatively new field. As usual, when it looks too good to be true, it more than likely is. However, with careful research, it is possible to find a mentor or trainer without breaking the bank.

The old maxim of ‘shopping around’ will serve you well in this new market, just as well as it always has in the one in your local town. If you want to make a start learning about these new opportunities, spend a little quality time with your computer – oh and make it fun as well!

I just love the thought of retirement being a new start, rather than the end of something.

This is how I and many others have started earning extra income in retirement

It will work for you as well!

This has also been published at

About the Author

leonardo Celestian recommends you go here to quickly start earning extra income
As an alternative, for a Free Ecourse and regular updates click this link to earn extra income in retirement

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